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Learning your home or building structure has asbestos is a scary revelation. Do not let the findings overwhelm you. Eliminating your worries and fears, Asbestos Removal Now uses state of the art techniques and equipment to meet all of your asbestos needs. Our Arlington, Virginia asbestos abatement team works diligently for an effective solution of the hazardous materials.

Our team follows local, state and federal abatement regulations. By staying current, Asbestos Removal Now is able to pass our knowledge on to our clients. We want to effectively eliminate your liabilities and exposure to asbestos contaminants.

A once widely used product, asbestos can be found in walls, ceilings, flooring, insulation and more. Creating hazardous conditions, the degrading asbestos releases small fibers into the environment. Over time breathing in the toxins leads to cancer and other lung diseases. Asbestos Removal Now will work to restore your indoor air quality for a safe breathing environment.

1. Complete Removal

Complete removal is the only way for our team to eliminate all risks of asbestos exposure. Our asbestos removal experts will remove all components containing asbestos.

2. Encapsulation Process

Using the encapsulation process we are able to seal the asbestos fibers. Applying a thick-like paint coating to the asbestos-containing materials, the encapsulation process traps the fibers from becoming airborne. Encapsulation is only a temporary solution.

3. Enclosure Process

Along with the encapsulation process, the enclosure method is another temporary solution. The enclosure process requires the team to erect an airtight structure around the asbestos containing materials. Using the enclosure process requires you to carefully monitor the asbestos.

Mold Removal

Along with our highly effective Arlington, Virginia asbestos removal services, Asbestos Removal Now offers mold removal. Mold growth generally begins in a damp area. Over time, the mold continues to grow and spread into walls, ceilings, and your furnace system. Mold growth creates a hazardous breathing environment leading to respiratory illnesses.

Our team will clear and clean the area with mold growth. Depending on the degree of mold growth and damage, you may need to replace building materials. After the cleaning process, our Asbestos Removal Now experts apply a fungicide to prevent future growth. Providing you with a clean, high-quality breathing environment is our goal.

If you would like to receive further information regarding asbestos abatement or mold removal services Arlington, please contact us. Offering fast estimates, Asbestos Removal Now wants to help restore your building’s indoor air quality.