Whether you’re preparing to demolish a building, take on a simple remodeling project, or do a complete renovation, one thing everyone fears is asbestos. If you’re looking for a Baltimore, Maryland asbestos testing service, then chances are you already know roughly how serious an asbestos problem can be. One of the major issues is that asbestos can be difficult to detect unless you have trained professionals looking for it — and refusing to test is not an option, as asbestos can pose a serious health hazard.

Unfortunately, there are no neon signs that point directly to the problem. Asbestos can hide anywhere — it can be in your insulation, beneath your floor, hidden in ceiling tiles, or even in particular kinds of textured paints. While most newer buildings might seem safe, certain materials shipped from outside the country can even contain asbestos — without you knowing about it.

So, before you put your sledgehammer through the wall, you need to get your Baltimore, Maryland property tested for asbestos.

The Hazard Asbestos Poses to Your Health

Asbestos is made up of fibers, and when those fibers get damaged they become airborne. Once airborne, these fibers can be inhaled by anyone unlucky enough to be around them — typically those in charge of completing renovations or performing any construction-related tasks.

Once inhaled, the asbestos fibers risk becoming trapped in a person’s lungs. This is where they start to do serious damage. Over time, if enough asbestos fibers accumulate, it increases a person’s risk for cancer as well as other diseases and lung issues, including mesothelioma and asbestosis. Unfortunately, there is no “safe” amount of asbestos you can be epxosed to, though generally speaking the more you deal with the higher the risk of having something bad happen becomes.

Asbestos Testing in Baltimore

If your Baltimore, Maryland building needs to be tested for asbestos as part of a renovation project, or before you take possession, we can help. We are one of the best testing services in the area. We will go through the entire building and test everything for asbestos — this includes the paint, the floor, the ceiling tiles — anywhere asbestos might be hiding, we will look.

Once we have finished testing for asbestos, we will let you know the results and give you some advice on what your next step should be. We will also let you know about any precautions you should take. Essentially, we’re committed to eliminating the risk before it affects you.

About Asbestos Removal Now

We are a team of experts that committed to providing you the exceptional asbestos testing service that you deserve. There is no job too large or too small — we are equally comfortable working in private residences and multi-level corporate buildings. If you have a business, we’re willing to work around your business hours to ensure minimal disruption of your time.

When you hire us, you will know that you’re hiring someone who has experience testing for asbestos in all conditions and in a variety of different buildings. We are thorough, leaving no stone unturned, and we will work quickly so that you are never left in a holding pattern. We will get the job done right at a cost you can afford.

Let’s Start Today

If you’re ready to have your building tested for asbestos, give us a call or contact us through our online form. One of our customer representatives we’ll be happy to help! We currently serve Baltimore, Maryland, and the surrounding area. We look forward to hearing from you!