Fully licensed and certified, Asbestos Removal Now is a leading expert in asbestos and mold removal. Our Bradenton, Florida asbestos abatement specialists will efficiently remove all of the hazardous contaminants from your residential home, commercial, industrial or governmental building. Understanding your need to eliminate toxins from your environment, our specialists work in an efficient manner.

Highest Quality Bradenton, Florida Asbestos Abatement Services

Prior to the 1980’s, the naturally occurring asbestos was a major component for many forms of building materials including insulation, fire proofing, shingles, and more. The widespread uses made asbestos a popular choice.

Later findings would link asbestos fibers to numerous health hazards. Airborne asbestos fibers create a toxic breathing environment. Unable to expel the asbestos fibers from the lungs, individuals develop cancers and other lung related diseases.

Removing the asbestos in your building is critical for eliminating health hazards. Our Asbestos Removal Now team has extensive experience for efficient, safe removal.

  • Complete Asbestos Removal: Eliminating any chance for asbestos exposure, complete asbestos removal is the optimal choice. Our Bradenton, Florida asbestos removal experts will assess your building to recommend the best course of action for completely removing the asbestos.
  • Encapsulation Method: Sealing asbestos with a thick paint-like coating prevents the fibers from becoming airborne. By trapping the asbestos fibers, our Bradenton, Florida asbestos abatement specialists will significantly reduce the health risks to you, your family or employees. Applying the sealant coating is only a temporary fix.
  • Enclosure Method: Along with encapsulation, the enclosure method is another temporary fix. Using the enclosure method, our Asbestos Removal Now technicians will seal an airtight structure around the asbestos. After sealing in the asbestos, you will need to carefully monitor the area to ensure the highest level of indoor air quality.

Asbestos Removal Now wants to be your active partner in eliminating dangerous health hazards from asbestos exposure. Unless you have proper training, asbestos containing materials may be hard to identify. If you are worried about asbestos exposure, do not hesitate to call us with your questions.

Mold Removal Services

Along with premium Bradenton, Florida asbestos abatement services, Asbestos Removal Now offers mold removal services. Dangerous old growth can occur in walls, ceilings, flooring and your furnace system. Continuous mold exposure creates numerous respiratory and other health hazards. Allowing the restoration of indoor air quality, our experts will effectively remove all signs of mold growth.

If you would like to receive further information on our Bradenton, Florida asbestos removal or mold removal services, please contact us today. Offering free estimates, Asbestos Removal Now wants to help you create a safe, indoor breathing environment. When you need a qualified asbestos abatement or mold removal services, you can always count on us to provide you with optimal results.