In the past, asbestos use was wide-spread. The naturally occurring fibrous material withstands heat, chemicals, and other natural elements. Building contractors and developers thought they had the perfect component for insulation, shingles, flooring and other forms of materials. Today, we know asbestos creates a full scope of health problems including lung cancer and other forms of respiratory diseases.

Finding out your home or business contains asbestos creates fear and uncertainty for your health. Contacting a reputable, Brandon, Florida asbestos abatement company is critical for providing peace of mind. Asbestos Removal Now has a full range of experience and knowledge to restore the safety in home or business.

Brandon, Florida Asbestos Abatement Services Done Right

Fully insured and licensed, Asbestos Abatement Now employs highly trained and knowledgeable employees. We understand the concern surrounding asbestos. By hiring prompt, skillful employees, we are able to ensure optimal results every time. Regardless of the amount of asbestos, our team approaches each job site with a high standard of professionalism.

Complete Asbestos Removal

Complete Brandon, Florida asbestos removal is the best way to eliminate the risk of exposure. Our Asbestos Removal Now specialists will remove all aspects of the asbestos containing materials. Following all safety protocols, we dispose of the asbestos containing materials as directed in local, state and federal guidelines.

Temporary Asbestos Solution

In addition to complete asbestos removal, Asbestos Removal Now offers two temporary solutions. Each method depends on the quality of the building material containing the asbestos. Degrading or decaying building components allow the asbestos fibers to release into the atmosphere. Unable to exhale the fibers from the lungs, the harmful contaminants create a health hazard. If the building material is still in good shape, our Brandon, Florida asbestos removal team may be able to provide a temporary fix.

  • Encapsulation Method: Using a low-pressure sprayer, our crew applies a thick coating to the asbestos containing building components. The paint like coating hardens. Preventing further exposure, the encapsulation method traps the asbestos fibers inside the coating.
  • Enclosure Method: The second type of temporary solution is the enclosure method. The process requires the team to build an air tight structure around the asbestos containing materials. The air tight structure traps the fibers inside. Unable to release into the indoor atmosphere, we eliminate the immediate threat.

If you would like to receive further questions about our premium Brandon, Florida asbestos abatement services, please contact us today. Providing you with a safe, healthy indoor atmosphere is our priority. Offering fast estimates and consultation, Asbestos Removal Now wants to be your active solution for removing harmful toxins from your property. Serving Hillsborough County, Seffner, Mango, Bloomingdale, and more!