For many homeowners, purchasing an older home is a great way to save money. Over time, you may learn your home contains asbestos. Contacting a reliable Ellicott City, Maryland asbestos abatement service is crucial for eliminating health hazards. Asbestos Removal Now has comprehensive knowledge and experience to handle asbestos removal in your home, business, industrial structure or government building.

Asbestos Removal Now employs only highly trained, professional, prompt and courteous asbestos abatement specialists. We comply with all rules and regulations to meet local, state, and federal standards. Along with being compliant, our team asbestos removal specialists follow all safety protocols to ensure the minimal exposure to asbestos on the surrounding environment. Providing you with a high level of service is always our main goal.

Trusted Ellicott City Maryland Asbestos Services

Providing you with optimal results, our  asbestos removal experts use industrial grade equipment, tools, and highly effective technique. Asbestos Removal Now offers three options for ridding your home of harmful asbestos containing materials.

1. Complete Asbestos Removal

Our Asbestos Removal Now team removes all materials containing harmful asbestos. Engaging in the complete removal process ensures you are protected against the long term exposure.

2. Encapsulation Method

Depending on the condition of containing asbestos, Asbestos Removal Now offers two temporary methods for protecting you against harmful asbestos dust or fibers. The first is the encapsulation method. Our crew uses a low-pressure sprayer to apply a thick, paint-like coating over the asbestos containing materials. Trapping the asbestos from releasing airborne contaminants, the coating hardens. As long as the building materials remain in good condition, the encapsulation method will continue to work.

3. Enclosure Method

The enclosure method is another temporary solution. Our Asbestos Removal Now specialists build an air tight structure around the material containing the toxic asbestos. Preventing the release of asbestos into the environment, the method traps any fibers or dust inside air tight structure. The enclosure method requires testing and monitoring to ensure the asbestos is completely sealed.

Regardless of the size of your asbestos removal needs, our team has the capabilities to handle the situation.

If you would like to receive more information or a free estimate on our Ellicott City, Maryland asbestos abatement services, please contact us today. Eliminating airborne toxins from your home, Asbestos Removal Now wants to provide you with peace of mind for a safe indoor breathing environment.