Once the go-to material for creating building components that ranged from floor tiles to ceiling insulation, asbestos was found in the early 1970s to contribute to a wide variety of breathing disorders and was banned from use in the United States and elsewhere. That means if your house was constructed prior to 1980, there’s a good chance that asbestos building materials were used in the construction. You don’t need to worry about living with asbestos unless you plan to remodel or demolish part of your home. Asbestos only becomes hazardous when it’s disturbed. However, if you’re thinking of adding that new kitchen or tearing off a portion of your house to make room for that new great room, you need the services of a good asbestos testing company.

What is asbestos testing?

Asbestos testing is designed to help you learn whether you have building materials in your home that were made using asbestos. Such materials include sheet vinyl, popcorn ceiling material, insulation and exterior cement tile siding, just to name a few. A professional asbestos testing company can help you make this determination quickly and professionally.

Asbestos removal services

If your asbestos testing company finds that you do have asbestos building materials in your home, you need to contact an asbestos removal team before you begin any remodeling or demolition projects. A professional team, such as the one at Asbestos Removal Now, will remove and dispose of the potentially-harmful asbestos safely and efficiently, following all of the EPA guidelines.

  • Making sure that asbestos materials are safely removed from your home
  • Keeping potentially-harmful asbestos particles contained during the removal process
  • Respecting your time by letting you know when we will arrive and sticking with our schedule
  • Arriving professionally-attired and ready to work
  • Leaving your property as clean or cleaner than it was when we arrived.

Frederick Maryland asbestos testing

As tempting as it may be, asbestos testing doesn’t make a great DIY project. Many other materials resemble those made with asbestos and it’s difficult to tell the difference if you don’t have experience or training in the field. In fact, without the proper training and equipment, asbestos testing can be dangerous since you are possibly disturbing asbestos in your home and causing it to enter the air you breathe. Enlisting the aid of a professional asbestos testing team help you be sure that your project is being handled safely and professionally. To learn more about our Frederick, Maryland asbestos testing services, contact Asbestos Removal Now.