Are you currently in the need for high-quality Joppatowne, Maryland asbestos abatement services? Licensed and experienced, our crew are fully trained professionals. Meeting and exceeding your expectations, we work hard to provide our customers with peace of mind eliminating health hazards. Our full scope of experience and knowledge, allows us to handle asbestos in homes, commercial buildings, industrial facilities, schools, and governmental structures.

Where is the Asbestos?

Roofing, insulation, ceilings, furnace duct work, asbestos was once a widely used product. The natural resistance to the elements made asbestos appealing to the homeowner, construction crews, and property developers. Mainly in older buildings, asbestos can be found throughout the structure. If you are worried about asbestos in your home, contacting asbestos removal specialists should be a priority.

Degrading materials or renovations disturb the asbestos containing materials releasing fibers into the air. After inhaling the asbestos fibers, the lungs cannot expel the dangerous contaminants. Creating major health issues, lung cancer and other related diseases develop.

Fast Joppatowne, Maryland Asbestos Abatement and Removal Services

Asbestos Removal Now understands the desire to engage in do-it-yourself projects. Asbestos containing materials need specialized equipment and handling procedures. Asbestos removal requires you to hire a professional. Engaging our team for asbestos removal ensures a safe and contained working environment.

Using current applications for asbestos removal and containment, we follow all safety protocols. From initial removal to discarding the asbestos properly, our specialists understand the potential risks. We work hard to eliminate further exposure to the environment.

  • Full Asbestos Removal: Eliminating the potential dangers, our specialists remove all aspects of the asbestos from the building. The complete removal process ensures your home or business is asbestos free.
  • Encapsulation Process: If your building material is still in condition, we may be able to implement the encapsulation process. Our team uses a low-pressure spraying to apply a thick, paint like coating to the asbestos containing material. Trapping the asbestos from releasing fibers into the air, the coating hardens.
  • Enclosure Process: Our specialists erect an airtight structure around the asbestos. The process keeps the fibers from escaping.

If you are worried about your health or exposure to asbestos, please call to speak with an abatement specialists. Eliminating the risk to your health and safety, our Asbestos Removal Now team knows the proper protocols for handling and discarding the dangerous materials. Working in an efficient manner, our trusted team will provide you with high-quality results at an affordable rate.  Also serving Joppa, Abingdon, Edgewood and more!