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Are you currently renovating an older building? Or perhaps, you need to demolish a vacant structure prior to starting your new building project. Only to be told, you cannot proceed due to dangerous asbestos in the walls, ceiling or flooring. Finding out you have asbestos in your building structure creates a need for immediate action. Failing to comply with state and federal guidelines regarding Maryland asbestos abatement, you may be held liable for continuous exposure.

Acting as a leading resource, Asbestos Removal Now provides high-quality mold removal asbestos abatement services. Offering comprehensive services, our Maryland asbestos removal specialists will find the most effective approach to eliminating health hazards in your building structure. We want to be your active partner in creating a healthy environment.

Our High-Quality Maryland Asbestos Abatement and Mold Removal Services

Using the top of the line equipment and machinery, our highly trained Asbestos Removal Now technicians will assess your needs to find the most cost-effective solution. We will design a plan to effectively control, remove or eliminate the possibility of further exposure to dangerous contaminants.

Maryland Asbestos Abatement

Fully licensed and certified, our Asbestos Removal Now experts will contain and remove asbestos from your properties. Working in a diligent manner, we never cut corners. Following every safety protocol, we ensure the safety of our customers and employees. We do not want to risk further exposure of asbestos to the environment.

  • Complete Asbestos Removal: The most effective approach for riding the area of asbestos is complete removal. Our Asbestos Removal Now team will eliminate the potential health risk with full removal.
  • Encapsulation Process: Unlike the complete removal process, encapsulation is a temporary solution. The process allows our Maryland asbestos abatement specialist to seal the asbestos with a thick coating. Using the encapsulation process allows you more time completely remove all asbestos from the area.
  • Enclosure Process: Like the encapsulation process, the enclosure method will provide you more time to completely rid the area of all asbestos. Using an airtight structure, the enclosure process surrounds the area with the hazardous material. The process requires continuing tracking and maintenance to ensure the enclosure is working properly.

Regardless of your method choice, our highly skilled Asbestos Removal Now experts provide you with a high standard of results. Completely understanding the importance of shielding the environment from dangerous levels of asbestos, our specialists maintain the highest level of professionalism.

Mold Removal

Along with asbestos, mold growth is another harmful substance. The presence of mold creates a health risk to the surrounding environment. Our Asbestos Removal Now specialists will efficiently remove all aspects of the mold growth. Ensuring superior results, the mold removal process will greatly improve your indoor air quality.

If you would like to receive more information on our full spectrum of Maryland asbestos abatement or mold removal services, please contact us today. Offering free estimates, our highly skilled Asbestos Removal Now specialists will work with you to eliminate hazardous materials in your building structure.

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