Upon learning your home or business contains asbestos, your first reaction may be a sense of panic. Causing lung cancer and other serious respiratory illnesses, the dangers of asbestos containing materials are common knowledge. The inability to exhale airborne asbestos fibers creates the hazardous indoor environment. Finding an effective solution in a timely manner is critical. Our highly trained, Asbestos Removal Now experts have extensive knowledge, training and experience to handle all of your asbestos abatement needs.

Asbestos Removal Now specializes in a full spectrum of asbestos abatement services. Our team will help find an effective solution for your residential, commercial, industrial or governmental building asbestos needs. Restoring your indoor air quality, we will provide you with peace of mind for a healthy environment.

Top Notch Silver Spring, Maryland Asbestos Abatement Services

Offering comprehensive services, our Asbestos Removal Now experts will work with your individual situation to provide the best outcome. Engaging our experts ensures the highest level of standards for your Silver Spring, Maryland asbestos removal needs. We use only top of the line equipment, tools, and resources on each job location.

Regardless of the size of the abatement service, our experts will work to meet and exceed your expectations. Our employees pay attention to the smallest details to ensure optimal results.

  • Full Asbestos Removal: Engaging in complete asbestos removal ensures the highest quality of results for eliminating asbestos exposure. Providing you with peace of mind, our asbestos removal technicians carefully remove all materials containing asbestos. Our advanced background in asbestos removal ensures we dispose of the materials in a safe manner in compliance with local, state, and federal regulations.
  • Encapsulation Method: Our highly trained specialists use a paint-like coating to seal the asbestos material. Preventing airborne exposure, the thick coating in the encapsulation process traps the asbestos fibers. The temporary method saves time and money until complete asbestos removal.
  • Enclosure Process: Another temporary alternative, the enclosure process involves erecting an air tight structure around the hazardous, asbestos containing materials. The air tight enclosure requires continuous monitoring to ensure effectiveness.
  • Mold Removal: Along with highly effective asbestos abatement, we provide mold removal services. Creating an unsafe indoor breathing environment, mold growth can spread quickly inside walls, duct work, flooring and other dark areas. Eliminating and treating the area, our experts will remove harmful mold growth and spores.

Asbestos Abatement Now understands the harmful effects hazardous airborne containments. Restoring optimal indoor air quality is our primary goal.

If you would like to receive more information on our highly-effective Silver Springs, Maryland asbestos abatement services, please contact us today. Offering free estimates, our Asbestos Removal Now technicians are ready to help restore your indoor living environment.