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Here at Asbestos Removal Now, we take pride in taking good care of you and your property. Our team of asbestos removal contractors use cutting-edge technologies and the latest in safety equipment to meet or exceed all local, state, and federal regulations regarding asbestos enclosure, encapsulation, and removal.

If your Tarpon Springs, Florida asbestos removal project is covered under your insurance policy, we’ll work closely with your insurance provider to ensure you receive the maximum compensation available through your coverage.

What Exactly Is Asbestos ?

If you’re unclear about what asbestos is, you’re not alone – for most Americans, asbestos is a bit of a mystery.

Asbestos is a collection of six lightweight, thin, fibrous minerals that are mined throughout North America. These minerals are plentiful, and they can be combined with a wide variety of compounds and materials to act as an insulator against fire, chemicals, heat, and sound.

During the last century, asbestos fibers were often added to building materials like wallboard, tiles, insulation, electrical products, paint, and textiles to help prevent structural fires and improve thermal performance of buildings. In fact, asbestos was often called a ‘miracle mineral’ because it was so versatile and effective.

Unfortunately, experts discovered that when materials containing asbestos deteriorated, the tiny, lightweight asbestos fibers could become airborne – this led to a host of serious health issues such as lung cancer. As a result, the FDA placed tight restrictions on the use of asbestos, along with strict rules outlining how asbestos abatement and removal should be handled.

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