Acting with the highest level of professionalism, Asbestos Removal Now provides premium Towson, Maryland asbestos abatement services. Hearing you have asbestos in your older home or business may seem overwhelming or even frightening. Creating a healthy indoor living environment is crucial. Long term exposure to asbestos causes numerous health issues including lung cancer and other forms of respiratory diseases.

Fully insured and certified, our Towson, Maryland asbestos removal experts provide optimal results. Our long standing history of working with asbestos provides our team with extensive knowledge to effectively restore your building’s indoor air environment. Regardless of the size of your building or degree of asbestos containing materials, our Asbestos Removal Now specialists use extensive training tools and experience to provide you with high-quality results.

Reliable Towson, Maryland Asbestos Abatement Services

Asbestos was once a wide-spread product for numerous construction projects including insulation, fireproofing, shingles, flooring, and other building materials. Over time, degrading materials create the release of asbestos fibers into the atmosphere. Unable to expel the fibers, lung issues quickly develop. Our team of removal technicians use top of the line equipment to rid your building of hazardous contaminants.

Complying with state, federal and local laws, our team will proceed with the best course of action for your home, commercial, industrial or governmental building.

  • Complete Asbestos Removal: Engaging in safe and effective removal practices, our Asbestos Removal Now team removes all asbestos containing materials. Removing all aspects of the asbestos ensures the highest level of breathing quality in your building. Providing you with peace of mind, complete removal ensures a toxin free space from asbestos exposure.
  • Encapsulation Process: Depending on the condition of the asbestos containing materials, the encapsulation process may allow for a temporary solution. Using a paint-like coating, our highly skilled asbestos contractors will seal the hazardous containing materials. The sealant traps the fibers from releasing into the atmosphere.
  • Enclosure Method: Our team will construct an air tight structure around the materials containing the asbestos. In order to be effective, the structure must be sound without any room for air flow. Offering a temporary solution, the enclosure process needs monitoring to ensure continuous safety.
  • Mold Removal: Along with high-quality asbestos removal, our team has the knowledge to effectively remove mold growth. The presence of mold in the walls, floors or air ducts creates unsafe breathing condition. Our team has the knowledge to eradicate the mold and prevent further growth.

If you would like to learn more about our superior, Towson, Maryland asbestos abatement or mold removal services, please contact us today. Restoring the air quality, Asbestos Removal Now strives to provide you with a healthy indoor living environment.