Are you purchasing an older home or business? Or perhaps, you are beginning to remodel or demolish an existing building to begin your next project? Engaging in asbestos testing in any building structure built prior to 1980 should be your first step.

Fully trained and accredited, Asbestos Removal Now is a comprehensive asbestos testing company in Waldorf, Maryland. We will provide you with the much-needed answers to your asbestos concerns. Our asbestos testing team provides you with fast turnaround times. Knowing the amount of asbestos-containing materials in your building provides a starting point for your next step.

Basic Review of Asbestos

Hearing the word asbestos tends to cause people to worry. Yet many individuals do not understand the cause for concern. Asbestos is a durable, fibrous mineral. Resistance to numerous chemical, heat exposure and other elements, asbestos use in building materials was widespread. When asbestos-containing products need replacing or natural degrade, the risk becomes imminent, small fibers or dust will begin to release into the indoor atmosphere.

Due to the inability to exhale, breathing in asbestos fibers produces numerous health risks. Long-term exposure may cause lung-related illnesses including life-threatening lung cancer. Our team will be able to determine the amount harmful contaminants in your building.

Quick Waldorf, Maryland Asbestos Testing Services

Asbestos Removal Now specialists will arrive promptly at your home or business for complete asbestos testing. Ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction, our team is highly trained and professional. Performing high-grade asbestos testing, our team knows exactly where to find suspected asbestos-containing construction materials in your residence, commercial building, government facility or industrial complex.

Materials we may perform asbestos testing include:

  • Plaster, drywall, spackle and joint compound
  • Paint and adhesives
  • Corrugated sheeting and panels
  • Popcorn ceiling tiles
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Fire retardant building materials or fire doors
  • Heating and cooling duck system and piping
  • Shingles and roofing felt
  • Siding

Prior to regulations, asbestos was the ideal component for strong, long-lasting, building materials. For your own health and safety, Asbestos Removal Now understands the need to find out the results of your individual asbestos testing.

If you need more information on our high-quality Waldorf, Maryland asbestos testing services, please contact us today. Beginning with a fast estimate, Asbestos Removal Now will inspect, assess and take numerous samples to ensure the best asbestos testing results for your home or commercial property. We want to help you eliminate worries of asbestos exposure.