Asbestos is a natural fiber-like substance. In the past, widespread use of asbestos was a normal part of insulating and fireproofing homes, commercial, industrial, and government buildings. Over time, long-term exposure led to significant health issues including lung disease and cancer. Today, older Washington, DC buildings may still contain the hazardous asbestos material. Ridding building structures of the dangerous contaminants is critical to eliminating health risks and further exposure.

Our Asbestos Removal Now team has extensive experience and knowledge to help protect you from hazardous materials. Our specialized Washington, DC asbestos abatement services will help you comply with state and federal regulations for health and safety requirements. During the process, our experts follow every safety protocol to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Washington DC Asbestos Abatement Services

Our Asbestos Removal Now experts will analyze your situation to determine the best way to proceed. In every type of treatment process, our certified technicians will provide prompt, professional asbestos abatement services. Meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction with our proven methods is our main goal.

Complete Asbestos Removal

Complete Washington, DC asbestos removal is necessary for eliminating all health risks. During the complete removal process, our specialists will carefully remove and dispose of piping, ductwork, insulations, flooring, ceiling and other areas containing asbestos. We use highly effective procedures to ensure your safety. We want to restore your surroundings to a safe contaminant free environment.

Encapsulation Method

Asbestos Removal Now offers containment services to allow for more time for complete removal. Using encapsulation, we carefully seal the asbestos with a paint-like substance to ensure the elimination of further exposure.

Enclosure Method

Another highly effective containment option is the enclosure method. Using this procedure, our highly skilled Asbestos Removal Now experts construct an airtight structure around the area containing the asbestos. Enclosure requires you to carefully monitor and analyze the airtight structure to ensure the continued containment of the hazardous materials.

Washington, DC Mold Removal Services

Along with highly effective Washington, DC asbestos abatement services, Asbestos Removal Now offers complete mold removal services. Mold growth creates a hazardous breathing environment. Breathing and long term exposure to mold will create health risks. Our team will remove all aspects of the mold growth to restore the indoor quality in your building.

If you would like to receive further information on our superior Washington, DC asbestos abatement or mold removal services, please contact us. Our team will diligently work to eliminate the health hazards in your building structure. Eliminating health risks and reducing costly liabilities, Asbestos Removal Now offers free estimates and professional consultation for your current asbestos removal needs.