In the past, asbestos was a common component for numerous types of construction materials including flooring, shingles, and walls. Due to the resistance to heat and water, the natural existing material was extensively used. Later, health professionals found asbestos fibers cannot expel from your lungs. Depending on the degree of exposure, the result may lead to lung cancer and other life threatening diseases. Eliminating the risk is essential for restoring a healthy indoor living environment.

Learning dangerous contaminants are in your home or business may be an overwhelming experience. Do not hesitate to call for professional service. Trying to handle asbestos containing materials yourself will lead to further health risks. Asbestos Removal Now has a broad scope of experience and knowledge. We are able to efficiently handle asbestos removal from homes, commercial, industrial or governmental building.

High-Quality Wheaton Maryland Asbestos Abatement Services

Fully licensed and insured, Asbestos Removal Now is a leading source for Wheaton asbestos removal. Complying with all local, state and federal regulations, our asbestos specialists engage in safe, effective abatement services. From the initial asbestos abatement process to disposing of the hazardous materials, the team follows all safety protocols. Protecting further exposure of hazardous asbestos materials is our main goal.

  • Complete Asbestos Removal: Removing all aspects of the asbestos, our crew of experts rids your home or business from dangerous contaminants. Engaging in complete Wheaton, Maryland asbestos removal, provides you with peace of mind.
  • Encapsulation Method: Using the encapsulation method, our contractors seal the asbestos containing materials with a thick paint like substance. After hardening, the coating traps the fibers from releasing into the air. Working on materials in good condition, the encapsulation method is only a temporary solution. When the asbestos material degrades, engaging in complete asbestos removal is critical.
  • Enclosure Method: Another temporary fix, our team encases the asbestos into an airtight structure. Monitoring and testing the enclosure method is necessary to ensure continuous safety. If the enclosure develops a leak, asbestos fibers will release into the environment.

Regardless of the size of your asbestos containments in your building, our Asbestos Removal Now team will efficiently restore your breathing environment. Acting as a leading resource in the community, we want to help you with all of your asbestos needs.

If you would like to receive a free estimate or further information regarding our high-quality, Wheaton, Maryland asbestos abatement services please contact us. Engaging in highly effective methods, our staff of specialists are here to help you with all of your asbestos needs.